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Hiring Guide Interns and Support Staff for summer!

Join our crew and experience some of Alaska.  We hire Professional Guides, Support People and Apprentice Guide Interns for a busy season helping our guests enjoy glacier trekking and ice climbing, sea kayaking, backpacking, zipline, helicopter adventures and more.

We're located in beautiful Glacier View Alaska, about 100 miles NE of Anchorage and far from the throngs of tourists in Denali. It's called "Glacier View" for a reason, with stunning views of the Matanuska and other glaciers all around.

Jobs in the Spotlight

About MICA Guides / Exposure Alaska

Our community of outdoor enthusiasts work hard and play hard in Alaska and around the world. Joining us is not just a job, but becoming part of an adventurous family that believes in getting off the couch and getting things done, professionally and personally.

Three great companies.  One awesome crew.

While some positions may work more in one part of the operation than another, it’s all the same team that lives, works, and plays together for the summer, and often beyond.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tighter team.  Consider joining us and you might even make some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

It’s not easy to get a job with us because many of our employees come back year after year. Our Senior Staff are the leaders of the program and gain valuable management experience in addition to honing outdoor skills. 

If you like to work hard and are looking for a challenge, we’d like to hear from you.

The Employee Experience

We grow our own!  Since many of our professional-level staff return year after year, most of our new hires start as Interns.  Our Internship program is a big part of our culture and we put a lot of effort into the intern experience. Interns get extensive training in their job as well as other "Alaska life" areas from splitting firewood to construction to survival skills.  

Over 90% of our top guides and managers started as Interns and they're dedicated to the program since they've been there.  Successful new crew members show up eager to learn and humble enough to be willing to put in the time and pay their dues.  Opportunity abounds but our belief is that it has to be earned.  


Ideal Candidate

We’re not for everyone.

But if you enjoy the fresh mountain air, stunning views, good beer, strong coffee, great people, a fun environment, and hard work we might be for you.

We’re not for everyone, but many come back year after year. While working with us, quite a few people have found partners to go on to other adventures. A lot of relationships, several marriages, and a few children have come out of our little community. (no promises!)

You should know that almost everyone on the team does almost everything. Everyone takes care of the vans, no one is too good to clean the bathrooms, all of the buildings on site have been built by the crew when they weren’t doing their “regular” job. So if you’re the type of person that would say “That’s not my job” then look elsewhere for something to do this summer.

Room and Board

The Crew all live together at our Base Camp overlooking the Matanuska Glacier.  You’ll live in your own tent for the summer and share the Crew Kitchen and a cabin to hang out in.  Our Base Camp has electricity, wi-fi, and a bouldering wall.  There is no charge for camping for the summer.  Showers are available at nearby lodges.

Employee Perks

Professional Guide compensation is competitive and most do quite well with tips.  Interns receive a stipend for room and board and a bonus to help offset travel costs.  Interns receive extensive training and returning staff are eligible to tap into the Training Scholarship Fund as well as the Profit Sharing program.

Other perks include discounts on gear and helicopter rides to bump up your adventures.  

Getting Here and Getting Around

Reach us by flying into Anchorage or driving up from the Lower 48. We provide transportation from Anchorage to our Base. Driving up is an adventure in itself and having a car is helpful but not necessary. Rides are easily shared up and down the highway from our Base Camp.

For Fun

Summer in Alaska means working and playing hard. With almost endless hours of daylight, there's often time for climbing, paddling, biking, and hiking...after a full day of work that is. Our staff average one day a week off and typically work from late May through early September.

But "work" means trekking and climbing on the glacier, kayaking in Prince William Sound and hiking in the mountains.  (As well as Guiding our Guests, buying and packing food, taking care of gear, cleaning the van...the list is long!)

How to Apply

Extensive information about working with us is available on the employment pages of our website, linked below. This includes current positions available, requirements and application instructions. You should thoroughly review this information before applying.

We start accepting applications in November and conducting interviews in December - March or when all positions are filled.  We get dozens of applications for 6-12 positions.  Since we would rather be outdoors than sitting in front of a computer, our application process is as efficient and streamlined as possible.  We do not process incomplete applications or applications outside of our system. 

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