Kennicott Glacier Lodge

Hiking on the Root Glacier
Kennicott Lodge and Mt Blackburn
Kennicott Glacier Lodge
4th of July
Flightseeing in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
Historic Kennicott Copper Mine
Flightseeing in Kennicott
Historic Mine Building
Ice Climbing on Root Glacier
Kayaking near Kennicott
Kennicott Mill Building
Lodge Front Desk Area
Northern Lights in Kennicott
Rafting near Kennicott
Server in Guest Dining Room
View from Lodge

Spend the summer in Alaska at the center of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park!

Kennicott Glacier Lodge is a family owned and operated Lodge located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park at the Kennicott National Historic Landmark. 

Kennicott is 314 miles east of Anchorage. Approximate drive time is 7 hours from Anchorage, 5 hours from Valdez, and 9 hours from Fairbanks.

About Kennicott Glacier Lodge

The Kennicott Lodge has 43 rooms and a restaurant and our guests visit from all around the world to explore America's largest National Park and learn about the historic Kennicott Copper Mine.  We are the only lodge located in the historic town and activities in the area include glacier hiking, ice climbing, mountain hiking, river rafting, historical tours, and flightseeing.

Our staff is a community of about 30 people, ranging in age from 18 to 70. One third to one half of our staff return from year to year, and each year we look forward to welcoming a few new people to join us in Kennicott. 

This summer our season runs from May 28 - September 5, 2022 and preference is given to applicants who are available for the full season.

Highlights of Working at Kennicott Glacier Lodge

  • Spend the summer living and playing in America’s Largest National Park
  • Work at a family-owned and operated Lodge
  • Free Room and Meals
  • Two days off each week to explore the area
  • We provide transportation for all Staff members from Anchorage to Kennicott at the beginning of the summer and back at the end of the summer
  • Performance bonus for completing agreed work dates

The Employee Experience

At Kennicott Glacier Lodge, we know that our employees are our most important asset.  We strive to treat all of our employees like family and many of our Staff return from year to year because they appreciate the work environment and access to outdoor activities and they enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that come from a summer of living, working, and playing together with other staff members. 

Lodge employees can look forward to spending days off exploring the great Alaskan outdoors and participating in many activities including alpine hiking, glacier hiking, ice climbing, camping, flightseeing, rafting, and kayaking.  Other fun group activities include fireworks and smores on holiday weekends, barbeques and games on the lawn and an international potluck dinner at the end of the summer. 

We provide free housing and three meals each day for all of our employees.  The fresh, homemade meals are prepared by the same talented chefs that serve our guests, so you are sure to be well-fed all summer long.

Working here can also be an opportunity to learn a variety of skills, develop a strong work ethic, and grow professionally as a chef, maintenance worker, customer service representative or server.

Please be aware that Kennicott is located in a remote area of Alaska.  The nearest city is 300 miles away and there are no shopping malls or movie theaters in Kennicott.  Our location requires us to be a resourceful team and more often than not, we bake it, we sew it, we build it, we fix it, and we recycle it.

Wages are paid monthly. Our Alaska summer employment is based on an hourly rate and a 5-day workweek. Gratuities are pooled and divided equally among all staff and we provide transportation from Anchorage to Kennicott and return. There is also a season completion bonus, which will usually cover transportation to Alaska for out-of-state employees.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for applicants who are excited about spending the summer in a beautiful, remote and historic area of Alaska and who are willing to work hard to make sure our Guests enjoy their visit to this spectacular area. 

If you enjoy nature and outdoor activities and want to spend four months in the middle of a National Park, away from the hustle and bustle of a city, then please send us your application.

Room and Board

Room and board is provided to each employee at no cost.

Staff housing is in a 15 room bunkhouse and two staff houses located within 1/4 mile of the Lodge. Bathrooms are shared with others. Linens and towels are provided.

Meals are taken at the Lodge in our Staff dining room.

Employee Perks

All positions feature free room and board, transportation from Anchorage to the lodge and return, a tip pool shared by all Staff, and an end-of-season performance bonus. Payday is monthly, on the 5th, for the previous month. Tips are split once each month. Everybody works 5 days per week, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the area.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The Lodge is located 315 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, and 100 miles out at the end of a gravel road in the middle of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. There is very little public transportation into Kennicott. If you fly into Alaska, you will end up in Anchorage. We will transport you to the Lodge. This may be by bus, van, small airplane, or a combination of modes, at our discretion. If you opt to drive to Alaska, please see our website for driving directions.

For Fun

A special benefit of working at Kennicott Glacier Lodge is that you will be living in one of the most spectacular mountain environments in the world. If you like outdoor activities, you will find lots to do here. Lodge activities include glacier hiking and ice climbing, mountain hiking and biking, river rafting, flightseeing, ghost town historic tours, photography, and more. The guided activities are available at little or no cost to KGL Staff. There are no stores, shopping malls, bowling alleys, or theaters here in Kennicott. Surrounded by wilderness, and with 2 days per week off, many of our Staff take the opportunity to hike and camp on their time off. There are also some great flyout camping trips available in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining us for our 2022 summer season, please see our website for more information on the available jobs and instructions on how to apply. 

Mailing Address:
Kennicott Glacier Lodge
PO Box 240567
Anchorage, AK 99524

Phone: 907-258-2350

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