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There are a variety of positions here at the dock!  Our season runs from Early May to Early September.  Below is a breakdown of our season:

EARLY SEASON:  May - Mid June

PEAK SEASON:  Mid June - Mid August

LATE SEASON:  Mid August to Early September

Early & late season hours tend to be slower than peak season hours.  Each employee will receive 1 scheduled day off a week. Due to the unpredictable nature of the fishery, hours are subject to change.  Managerial positions require a commitment throughout the whole season while other positions may require a commitment for the months of June, July, & August.  Below is an overview of our departments:

WEIGH-IN STATION:  Checks in customers fish for processing.

RETAIL:  Works as both a sales clerk and cashier.

PROCESSING:  Cuts, vacuum seals, and racks fish.

FREEZER:  Handles all client pick-ups, shipments, and keeps freezer organized/maintained.

  • Day & Night Freezer Assistants

    Freezer/Shipment Department
    $15.00 / hour + tips

    Reports To:  Freezer Manager & General Manager 

    Pay Status:  Starting at $15/hour - Seasonal Full Time

    Schedule: 8 to 10 hour shifts 

    *Hours may vary between the slow season and peak season, with more demanding hours during the peak season.*

    *Hours depend on the amount of shipments and pick-ups scheduled for that day.*


    The Day & Night Freezer Assistants are 2nd in command to the Shipping Manager.  He or she has the following responsibilities:

    - Boxes fish for pick up or shipment.

    - Assists clients in loading fish into their car when picking up.

    - Maintains friendly customer service.

    - Oversees the organization and structure in the freezer. 

    - Does routine checks on Freezer Temperature.

  • Processor

    $15.00 / hour + tips

    Reports To:  Processing Manager

    Pay Status:  Hourly - $15/Hour - Seasonal Full Time & Part Time

    Schedule: 8 hour shifts with the opportunity for overtime, typically 4PM-Close *closing time ranges from 11PM-3AM

    *Hours may vary between the slow season and peak season, with more demanding hours during the peak season.*

    *Hours depend on the amount of fish being brought in off the boats*


    Our Processing Department primarily functions in the evening, work starting around 4pm and ending when the fish is done being processed.  During peak season, some days run as late as 3AM. An employee in the processing department has the following responsibilities:

    - Portions, cleans, & vacuum seals fish

    - Cleans work space as they go

    - Racks and records vacuum sealed fish for the freezer.

    - Cleans tubs.

How to Apply

Please contact Kristyn via email listed below and provide your resume. After that we will schedule an in person or FaceTime/Zoom interview.  We look forward to getting to know you further!

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