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Positions available for the 2022 LeConte Lodge season, operating from March 11 thru November 23.  Full-Time positions run entirety of eight month season.  Seasonal opportunities as Crew also available from March-May, June-August, September-November.

  • Crew

    LeConte Lodge
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    $10.10 / hour + tips


    Employment opportunities as Crew are available in-season, from early March to late November.  Crew duties include but are not limited to meal service, basic food preparation, dish washing, retail sales, cleaning of cabins and facilities, checking in guests, and all other services related to accommodating our overnight guests.  Benefits include hourly wages, Overtime pay, tips, sales incentives, an end-of-season bonus, eight days off per month (can be consecutive or split), and workman’s compensation.

    The position of Crew requires some level of physical ability. You will be required to hike to work at least once a month, with the shortest trail being five miles one way. Multiple tasks require that crew members be able to lift objects of varying size and weight (upwards of 25-30 lbs.) consistently, like linens, non-perishable goods, large pots, and mop buckets for example. Regardless of what the weather is doing, we will still work in the sun, rain, and snow.

    This is a job that requires one be able to work well with others, function as a team player, and follow a chain of command. You will be provided with living quarters and basic amenities, and in several instances be working in close quarters. You must be willing to talk with each other and work through any problems or misunderstandings.  COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols are in place, abiding by NPS laws and regulations!

    LeConte Lodge® is a drug-free workplace.

    Visit our official website at lecontelodge.com to apply and learn more about our great employment opportunities.

How to Apply

To apply, follow the link below to our employment opportunities page and submit an online application.  Only fully completed applications will be considered.

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